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If you intend on blogging and are confident enough to expect readers then at some point Search Engine Optimisation is something you my want to consider. Search engine optimisation is an ever changing way of having your posts indexed. Search Engine Optimisation {SEO} has many methods available some of them are based on older methods that were mentioned in an article online back in the mid 1990’s wrote for the various popular search engines before Google’s popularity increased.

The paper was compiled in Australia by three authors of computer sciences and software engineering academists. The paper is called

What is a tall poppy among web pages?

The key thing to understand about what they set out to tell you is about the basics of how machines read text on a page, this is important in today’s posh blogs. Some of you will be adding little extra things to your blogs and all these things need to betaken into consideration when trying to optimize your blogs. The history of SEO is just one little tip that may help you begin practising and learning more about this interesting topic.

White hat seo symbolizes good ethic techniques...

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