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A Modern Day Anthropologist Working The Online Trenches


Democracy and World Peace?

Writing these days is like Greek or Latin. Some get it sooner than later depending on how it’s working out for you. In most cases it never works out as well as originally planned. The plan is as simple as waving a flag and to then expect winning results. Only a fool would believe such nonsense.

We start out life thinking everything will just happen at the click of a button, without any real focus. We walk into a room, flick on a switch to only find somebody else had already turned on the light of day. And now we feel like it’s us who flicked on the darkness. Equally the written word has been relegated below the image. Video has muscled in and presentations have squeezed the life out of time.

Product worshipping has replaced the need for seasons. The glass dome we live in is a giant sun…

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WordPress TV web developer interview


Isabelle Garcia is a front-end web developer and social media geek. She is a “Digital Nomad” and travels the world working remotely. She has no fixed base, no office. Isabelle likes to frequent local libraries, not to borrow books but to take advantage of the quiet atmosphere. While other digital nomads meet at coffee shops […]

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Discover Linguistics


The blog of George Lakoff, professor of cognitive science and linguistics at the University of California at Berkeley and author of the influential book on how language influences public policy, Don’t Think of an Elephant.

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Communications Jargon


Twitter walked dog talk and walk happy Advertising Google blog Arts marketing happily Television ToolsAnother documentary from the 50’s to educate readers about the art of communications and all the jargon that goes with it.

I sure you agree, we see ourselves in a better light when we are learning. Documentaries are a great way of quickly expanding your skill set.

Communications jargon outlined in this documentary will help understand some words used in the work place. More importantly this older framework for communications intelligence should give you enough knowledge to feel like 007.


A communications video that covers the art of ‘noise’ and other jargon used at a time, in an industry, where Morse code was very popular. Noise definitions are key.

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Communications in the Naval Service’s was very important a few years ago. America has always had this nostalgia for the way different tribe’s communicate with one another.

Morse code and smoke signals is almost obsolete these days. Now we have Face Time, Snapchat and Plurk. Then we had the Telegraph, we could easily answer with binary answers. One Two, One Two, Left Right, Left Right and Yes or No. We’d all struggled at some point in our life. We have always tried to complicate things when really we should keep it simple*.

* SMART :- keep it simple stupid.

Ever since the Fibonacci code was cipher we’ve inadvertently complicated things.

We struggle with simple yes or no answers because perhaps to make ourselves seem more interesting. In actual fact the exact opposite of this is happening.

If you struggle answering simple yes or no answers your interviewer and audience viewing will get bored of all the babbling.

Camp Century


Camp Century. A US Army nuclear fuelled base made during the cold war. This is engineering at it’s finest.

In Greenland during the cold war American engineers built a base. This documentary shows everything about Camp Century.

It took a while to build but they done it. A gruelling tale of ingenuity. Churned out during a time of great change by men with big appetites.

Camp Century took igloo homes to a new level. They used hand saws to cut out bunkers and square of ice bricks. Made before climate change ever became an issue. This project and others like it inspired movies like ‘The Thing’. It’s about 45 minutes and I give it 5/5 rating. These sort of documentaries usually cheer me and others like me up. Get down and dirty in the ice dumps with US Army engineering.

Made during the fifties this documentary will warm your cockles.

A lot of people have gone out their way to share this information with you, so please soak it up whilst you still can. You’ll be amazed before your halfway in to it.

Learn how to build a base in icey conditions. Find out how the big boys do thing’s.

Photo on 2013-07-14 at 15.47I enjoyed this documentary, it made me smile. We here so much about climate change these days. Living where we do its difficult to imagine how the other half live. I’ve always wondered about what’s life in the cold lane like. I bet these guys taught Eskimos a thing or two about their own environment. Happy Days: Camp Century rocks!!!

Robert Douglas Bridge.

If you enjoy building snowmen, or travelling in cool vehicles then please, feel free to share this with all your mates too.

A Test of Happiness


This is a test, it’s all a test. A Test of happiness. Let’s see how this one goes. Without finger pointing we all know someone who is unhappy, so with that said, let’s try and cheer these people up. Is so easy to say it’s all their fault, or pick on someone your own size, but the reality is when your down in the dumps, blaming is not going to help.

You can test if your unhappy by speaking to someone you know quite well and see if they pick up on your misery. If they do then chances are your in unhappy mode. If this is true then you need to give yourself a shake.

Most people I know are happy and I can tell that they are having a bad day and so can you. It’s easy really, I mean you cannot miss it. The senses we have helps us pick up on things like this.

Our nose can smell when somebody is not well, the body gives of tell-tale-signs. If someone smells, letting them know can either help or make things worse. Some people care about what odours they are giving of, where as others do not care either way. Please try not to offend anyone by letting them verbaly know they smell, if you think it might offend them. Sometimes the best you can do is hold your nose and bite your lip for a while. Try not to take any bad smells in your area to seriously because the chances are it’s probably not your fault. Most of us wash everyday, though not all of us have this luxury. Sometimes all it takes to get your message across to a friend is a gift. Toiletries or a bar of soap is a nice way of letting someone know they stink without offending them. If you live together they may see this as personally offensive. A background check is needed, which leads me on to my next point about human sensibilities and healthy happiness.

We covered the nose now let’s look with our eyes. We recognise a smile and can clearly see when somebody is dressed to kill, but what about scruffy people or people who aren’t smiling? What about our own feature’ s, what do we know about them? If your a wake up in the early morning with a smile kind of person then even though you will, there is really no need to look at your own reflection in the mirror. All sorts of people do this and the daily ritual is justified with various excuses: caught shaving, putting on make up or just pulling silly faces. Whatever you do to fake that happiness, you can share that with all yours mate’s. Especially if you think it might help them.

Onward and upward lets deal with the ears, no wonder your unhappy. We can hear it in people’s voices when they are struggling or acting out in unusually exciting ways. Sometimes it is just a front to hide the fact you make them nervous, that or they are off their head. Most time’s you know what time it is and overtime listening to the same people, you learn when to switch off. In the day light though most normal people should be happy. But we’re not always these happy creatures, so over the phone if your wise and able to listen I am confident you can help. When I say help, I do not mean help yourself. If your helping yourself then the chances are your not listening. I know some people threaten to do stuff and they never do but just to be on the safe side try and pretend you are listening. The worse case scenario over the phone is you shout and swear at them then have to hang up. Why call people in the first place if this is how you are going to behave. If your happy everybody hears this stuff, so don’t ruin it for other people. You can tell when your talking to wise listener’s because the ears are generally massive. Just because somebody has elephants ears does not always make them a happy chappy, so be mindful of this. Unhappy people often play with their ears a lot, pick their nose and eat allsorts of garbage. You can use this to your own advantage in your communication with others to help them. Asking for a smile is not enough these days, cracking a joke is not always appropriate and asking to many questions could get you in trouble, so for Pete’s sake ‘listen’ please.

King Arthur Mythology And How Templars Brought The Template Back From Syria

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