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Is Hedonism Rising in Belgium?


Imagine if hedonism reached into the dizzy heights equal to that of the swinging twenties and nineteen thirties, what would happen.

As the recession happened globally the world population had all sort’s of fears. And turned to hedonism, since this was how the world was being directed as a way to uplift spirits before times of war.

In 2017 Belgium is rather hedonistic, even at the corporate level. Similar events happened in Germany, which created unusual ways of thinking.

This thinking eventually wound up into ‘Third Reich’ getting a right pasting ending in 1945, which we know today as WWII.

There seems to be this homage to that in Belgium. A nostalgic revival of parapsychological practice’s where people are playing with metaphysical sounds and aphorisms.

Behind the scenes then and now old timers, ghost writers and fans of the symphony prop up the scene. They fund events and weave in reasons. What seems harmless is perhaps a cyclone of power being produced to charge wicked deeds.

The youth are best source of this power, hypnotised now by the power of Facebook and the electronic buzzing sounds that anchor them in. Be known to them the real reasons behind such entertainment. In the parapsychological arena dancing and loud music has and always will be a ‘bone of contention’.

This cone of power takes month’s to emulate. For as normal people in 2017 go about their day, behind the scenes people behind the scenes are churning out sophisticated YouTube DJ videos. And as the subscribers grow as does the new introductory indoctrinations. As the views, likes and comments collide the full picture painting of hedonism tattoos itself of minds of youth and everybody wanting to keep up with popular culture. New life culture coaches and brokers write new programmes which support such a thing. The economics of hedonism therefore seems a lot more palpable. When we all know what happens in the end. But don’t worry please for I am not projecting yet a new civil war in Europe. In fact I quite like this party music and intend on sharing a heap more of this videos of Belgium caught this month. Since everybody look like they having a good time and its not like they all banging each other or anything.

Solomun seems to be carving out his own temple, his sound is safe enough, as I sure you agree; to stand the tests of time. Ironically I imagine a lot of students will want to mix in these happy memories into future essays. As ever they will to explain the unexplainable. A non starter right there, I wish them well though. Perhaps this is why the academic teachers get involved behind the scenes of such events or protests. 🙂

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