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Breathing exercises to walk more


Walking is a great form of exercise for everyone. Breathing is a key part of having enough energy to get from a-b. If you put one foot forward after another you should get to your destination where you want to be. It’s not a race, so thinking clearer will help us pace ourselves like a strong tortoise.

Instead of shelling out on other monthly memberships straight away why not master the art of walking and breathing properly. It won’t take long to reconnect with innate skills we’ve each been self taught via our number one tool “The Brain”. Breathing is one way we filter air into energy and we want the brain to receive lots of positive waves and frequencies.

Meditation in my books is connected to this brain filtration process. I by no means the best practising breathing advocate because of asthma and have not mastered the art walking long distances. However I do enjoy walking and other forms of voyeurism. Walking helps me connect with the community and keep me on my toes.

Stretching before a walk and visualizing nice things will definitely help get us from where we are now, to where you want to be. Injuries might happen but avoid them like the plague. Best breathing and stretching practices will optimise physiology.


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