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Communications Jargon


Twitter walked dog talk and walk happy Advertising Google blog Arts marketing happily Television ToolsAnother documentary from the 50’s to educate readers about the art of communications and all the jargon that goes with it.

I sure you agree, we see ourselves in a better light when we are learning. Documentaries are a great way of quickly expanding your skill set.

Communications jargon outlined in this documentary will help understand some words used in the work place. More importantly this older framework for communications intelligence should give you enough knowledge to feel like 007.


A communications video that covers the art of ‘noise’ and other jargon used at a time, in an industry, where Morse code was very popular. Noise definitions are key.

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Communications in the Naval Service’s was very important a few years ago. America has always had this nostalgia for the way different tribe’s communicate with one another.

Morse code and smoke signals is almost obsolete these days. Now we have Face Time, Snapchat and Plurk. Then we had the Telegraph, we could easily answer with binary answers. One Two, One Two, Left Right, Left Right and Yes or No. We’d all struggled at some point in our life. We have always tried to complicate things when really we should keep it simple*.

* SMART :- keep it simple stupid.

Ever since the Fibonacci code was cipher we’ve inadvertently complicated things.

We struggle with simple yes or no answers because perhaps to make ourselves seem more interesting. In actual fact the exact opposite of this is happening.

If you struggle answering simple yes or no answers your interviewer and audience viewing will get bored of all the babbling.

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