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Camp Century


Camp Century. A US Army nuclear fuelled base made during the cold war. This is engineering at it’s finest.

In Greenland during the cold war American engineers built a base. This documentary shows everything about Camp Century.

It took a while to build but they done it. A gruelling tale of ingenuity. Churned out during a time of great change by men with big appetites.

Camp Century took igloo homes to a new level. They used hand saws to cut out bunkers and square of ice bricks. Made before climate change ever became an issue. This project and others like it inspired movies like ‘The Thing’. It’s about 45 minutes and I give it 5/5 rating. These sort of documentaries usually cheer me and others like me up. Get down and dirty in the ice dumps with US Army engineering.

Made during the fifties this documentary will warm your cockles.

A lot of people have gone out their way to share this information with you, so please soak it up whilst you still can. You’ll be amazed before your halfway in to it.

Learn how to build a base in icey conditions. Find out how the big boys do thing’s.

Photo on 2013-07-14 at 15.47I enjoyed this documentary, it made me smile. We here so much about climate change these days. Living where we do its difficult to imagine how the other half live. I’ve always wondered about what’s life in the cold lane like. I bet these guys taught Eskimos a thing or two about their own environment. Happy Days: Camp Century rocks!!!

Robert Douglas Bridge.

If you enjoy building snowmen, or travelling in cool vehicles then please, feel free to share this with all your mates too.

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