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File Forms Fillings


Hi Robert Bridge here. This is but one of my blogs I write for. Each one in some way has something  do with the media. I know this maybe hard for you to believe with all the issues going on here and there on all blogging platform’s. I actually am happy with a no frills approach to the end product. The results speak for themselves as I finally get typing with this tablet. The initial freeze has ended and I am getting momento to the point these blogs and journal entries are now writing themselves despite the cog in the wheel spinning.

This week I am having lower back molar removed. I know this is the great I am.. please bare with me. Outside of toothache I have been practising blogging on various platforms with various devices. The temptation and curiosity comes about from this new https which is becoming more and more normal. This to summarise is perhaps creating ‘the freezing effect’ stuck in a state of suspenders animation. People I know who would normally blog all the time talk about how sick they are of spinning their wheels. In this case WordPress wheels. The people I talk about in this blog are people who prefer to only speak to a broad live audience.

People are willing to travel globally to get their message across.

This says to me two important things:

  1. No one ever got tired of sharing.
  2. Speaking requires listeners so writers need readers.

Sharing thoughts and ideas are the keystone of the human condition and the language that we share is what binds and unites us together is just finding for me the balance between writing and speaking publicly.

Yes I agree  quality is everything and yes I agree we live in a queued culture. We stand in line for hours waiting for services and gain access to certain area’s. The problems seem to be finding a calm balance between the two. Waiting for systems and procedures to process themselves is never going to happen unless we open our mouths and remind the world of our existence. Writing long term is beneficial for me right now, but who knows where will be next week. The likelihood of this entry still being here next year is pretty strong.

Where will it all be ten years from now? Decades ago tieing a tooth with a piece of string was a viable solution nowadays we accept that we might have to wait for the wheels to spin. We might have to start over again with the chance of getting a whole set of new teeth. We accept our time on earth and understand the constant changing environment.


Relationships occur in the strangest of places, never underestimate the escalator this is a great place to compliment strangers. R B

When a letter becomes unpressable on a tablet we can change the keyboards format. Just as when speech becomes garbled a glass of water can lubricate and give a new life to the larynx. So be it the speaker can talk and type free from any noticable mistakes. The voices dips and thongs, the wheel spinning text editor is a blaming of tools for mistakes rather than owning any discension.

Blaming is what we do and this is how we get things done around here. Is fine one to one when you have a large audience I merely suggest it is that little bit more embarrassing. Yes we need to grow with humorous examples. When society becomes addicted to this type of intellectual secularization its time to burst it in the bud.

00703_20, CANADA-10007, Nova Scotia, Footsteps of Buddha, 06/2005

We read books to stay cool, write better and have interesting things to say to people. Good books are written by you and me. Rob Bridge

Hence this article. I am not suggesting filling down a tooth to make it better is going to help though this could be one way of eventually getting it of your chest. Anything is better than feeling unhappy and something.

Typing or filling in forms buys time but each invitation is an invite to join a new queue. Everyday we invite in another cold call. The bigger picture is just that. The wider the screen the less hiccups occur via typewriters.

And is so easy to stop right there thinking every question proposed will be answered. as options expand the chance of getting what you want shrink dramatically.

So many of these speeches and scripts are written by other people.

Readers have more to talk about as writer’s have muses to write for. You can tell when a women is using a man script because she will be talking to a megalomaniac man with a hairy chest on telly #RodgerMellie to #Clinton.

Politicians do this, people in companies have to do this. And visa versa.

_SM17860_adj; Havana, Cuba; 2010, CUBA-00018

We each have our own White House in our heads.

This I propose is creating the shrivelling effects. Men begin to sound like  nagging wives, boobs get bigger and balls shrink.

Women look like cowboys and lose the kamanchi kimbchi pig tails and aquire a deeper sounding throat. The glottal stop gives away a lot of these mixed emotions. People pick up on that washing machine head we each experience at some time of the month.

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