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Brexit Britain EU Box of Delights


We find ourselves talking about a new year whilst listening to a manner of different noises. 2016 we see noticable trails on the road. More and more people are realising Google is bigger than the EU. The EU is tripping up though and have been getting to big for there boots in a while. You’d think after all this  time they would have figured out mistakes from the past. We all know the WWI stories everyone drone on about, the one where boots on the ground became an issue. Why did Germany loose WWI the trench wars becuase of their reccomendations on cheaper materials: cheap grenades and very cheap boots designed by newbie cobblers with bright ideas.

This  continues today, only the victors now do EU bidding of cheap badly designed damp boots, cheap motorbikes and overseas budget cars. The army has been replaced by community police. A plan cleverly stretched out over the past few years. Pressurised cutbacks and new forms of emotional bribery described in mutlilingual terms. A business in a box fit all type decision to be dropped via parachutes all across the land.

Nothing seems to be working and government sectors all across the board on EUs radar has become conpartmentalised and left under scrutiny. Divide and conquor was a similar plan stolen from the Roman Empire. From the archives of seedy German bathing shops they came up w ith new and interesting ways of fleecing neighbours to fullfill needs, greed basically. And the turning around of the whole financial sector.

Paper money is sold as tissues and toilet paper. During the wars people here used to laugh about bdays in France, but now it makes much more civil sense. Yet still the idea of using a fountain in the lavatory is very taboo. A lot of things from France are weird: onion gold looking chains, baguette dispensers and smoking on the tubes. Garlic aftershave is well beyond the pale. Horseburgers is a complete insult yet inside the EU people nearer to Brussels than us and paying them a lot less by the way are adopting these delicacies.

On the EU brokered building sites we see people speaking allsorts of languages. They bend the rules and wear allsorts of happy uniforms. Seriously no one looks more authoritive than anyone else in pink, pink helmets, body warmers and turbins. Midgets cement mixing with mini mixers. Long distance lorry drivers with men with breasts in the driving seat. Seriously EU is in the middle of an identity crisis and its not a pretty site. They have turned casual statements into mush by asking normal questions between associates before hand about what side of the bed they want buttered before business again which is just another major example of how in five years time nothing is going to work or make sense.

I say we should get out whilst the irons still hot. Pretty soon they will be flicking the switch on EU initiates. Mark my words there are already people very close to you wherever you live who have been brainwashed by this European Union Happy Shopper vibe. We all know about the touch button society and soon you will get your chance to press yours. Think about the kids if anything. Lets leave, join the Brexit vote. This is your final chance to stick two fingers up to all these idiots and warmongers. Lets take the reigns and print our own coach tickets.


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