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Democracy in films


There are many films out there that focus on politics or squeeze in something about democracy in films. We share a common understanding and assume each of us have seen the latest film or documentary. The jargon extracted gets repeated in our daily lives and often it’s based on something we already recognise. This adds to global consciousness and is also a tool used to create peace.

Looking and listening to some feature films more recently released we can then find common ground with a particular active audience that are looking to exercise what it is they have learned whilst watching the latest movie or documentary. The point maybe to retrieve more of the time spent invested in this passive participation. Others are collector’s perhaps looking for other collections. Serious career minded media buffs are looking to share and deepen communications on the particular topic at hand. Let me mention a couple of common genre’s picking up the pace in media these days. I also like to reflect on the older genre’s that are just as popular today as they were in the beginning. Silent, black and white or otherwise. Technicolor format does not make any differences, for the time of release a timeless film has something to extract or find some common ground as it maybe as you look left and right for peace before crossing the entertaining road to democratic enlightenment.

I also want to try and predict or dictate the future (everybody loves a great dictator) by looking back to where we are today there maybe a passage worth predicting. Watching democratic films we find a journey. The film reel is a rollercoaster frame by frame shot as an art peice with a natural direction. The journey is more important than the interpreter trying to outline all the key points. It’s best the focus on a very small part of the show and talk about that.

Combining old and new democracy in films

Democracy like the media has come a long way. The constitution’s around the world has given us a varied impact of how we utilise what is learned and in Each of our inputs provide wisdom. First I would like to explore genre’s and find just one the typifies your bog standard democratic universal soldier type film. Then look into where the democratic messages are being used.

The time frame of publication is an important reference for finding the source of wisdom and may also require longresearch into the geographical outlook at time of release. Same goes for today’s movies and documentaries. If you know your geography then you maybe able to help with this part of the exercise. I do not want to get this confused with geology although there are signs of democracy faces in rocks. I also want to explore choreography or the film if anything it will help with the alternative bibliography at the end.

So to rap this up in 500 words half of what I want to do is find peace infilmography.

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