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Happy Days Movies Reviews


Been watching lots of movies this month over on YouTube. Happy Days right. Some of the films that I have watched are new films. Some are old with titles I struggle to recollect. This is just one suggestion why reviewing movies prior to watching is a good practise.

My first film review is of a film I watched on YouTube recently. The director and production company have been interviewed recently about how and where the filming went. I do not want to spoil the plot or describe what happened innit.

It’s a good film and I have nothing positive or negative to say about any of it. Having the film fresh in your memory banks to make reviews is a good way in movie studies to form opinions.

Using theoretical theories drawn from appropriate educational texts will help anchor your thoughts whilst creatively forming a style of writing suitable for reviews.

Taking into consideration the types of viewers and objectively report what’s going on so as not to offend anyone wanting to watch. More importantly avoid insulting unnecessarily the team of people tarred with the same brush of the movie.

Their a divining factors that you should be looking for in each movie to help you create your own personal star rating system. When you look back on all the reviews that you used the same formulas to analyze you should be able to form a top ten. Considering factor’s need continual attention in your reviews. Overtime you will have ironed out any flaws in your formula.

Hope this helps.

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