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one day sometime soon


Its been one of those days when nothing goes right and then you have cup of creme chocolate. Hi guys just a quick entry. Its late and been a while since logging in.

I have become all dissconnected with the world and my communication skills have been hampered slightly by the innability to focus, there is so much that has happened to other people its starting to get painful. Or perhaps the pain that other people are feeling for whatever reason is starting to bug me. Even though in reality not a single soul has done me wrong and there’s been no injuries

From the comforts of the home and being surrounded by the company of pet companionship I have not had much chance to hangout. It takes one hangout to open the floodgates of friends and opportunities. Soon I will be back to my normal self. The sad thing is not everyone have such a luxury. They are stuck in someway and not even have to give of signs of discomfort for me and everyone else a chance to see any otherwise.

This sort of bitterness whatever it is can bite into serious walk down the road happy time. I want them to snap out of it right now so when I do get round to walkibg the walk I won’t have to switch of from what is being said as they eat with their mouthful and talk into the fork. A fork is not a microphone and somewhere in the middle is me, just being me trying to not make to many complications.

Its hard being happy when walking on eggshells. They must think me from Mars. I used to worry about Venus and Mars but as you get older people not see you as competition. Most people are in really good shape. Always smiling up for a laugh. Though there are so many ways to part waves.

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