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I wish you a day full of drama! ….Wait, what?!



WishOn this very special day, I wish you all a day full of love & laughter….

Wait- Let’s be real about this:

On this day – I wish you a day full of being annoyed by family members.  The relatives that are forever old school and speak with a bluntness and candor that makes us feel like we’re at some kind of Comedy Central Roast.

A day sitting next to the Uncle who always has a glass of scotch within reach.

A day where we see the wide-eyed frozen stare of the kids that have had the fear of God put in them by their Mother before getting out the car.

A day full of warm hugs and embraces by the cluster of women – the Village if you will… who are full of compliments, and when you leave the room you hear a hushed collective giggle as you know…

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