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Is there anything we can learn from Chinese Communications?


A post originally shared on is a country where thought leaders are born and what they lack in communications they counter balance with relationship building. Hi my name is Robert Bridge I live in London and today I want to talk about Ushii. Many of you probably know me from Linked In or you are a subscriber of this website. Ushii is like Linked In and there are lots of groups with venture deals based in China, so what can we learn here in the UK and around the world from the thought leader China?

It is quite interesting really, social networking is something previously thought of as a waste of time but now more and more communication devices are pouring in from companies, countries and high street stores plus the additional revamping of how all these are used with touch screen tablets we are seeing a rise in its popularity.

Social Networking is becoming the key place to find new music, brush up on the films, talk about films; talk business and talk with people from inside the box. From social groups to Linked In groups and Ushii groups a new wave of delegated available opportunities are emerging. So how to you get involved and how do you raise the bar and excel at new tasks and find people for members of these groups for the things they propose. How do you sift through quickly what it is they are saying and understand in actual fact what they actually mean. Is this for example some new wave of events happening on Ebay for you to squeeze between. Is this something more wide range, the clients are more exclusive, is this something from the group all you have to do is do nothing?

Daven Michaels and Robert Bridge 123

Daven Michaels and Robert Bridge 123 (Photo credit: robbwindow)

Well these are some of the questions that pass through my head as member of these groups and these questions can really leave pause for thought. Now what I am saying here is this, the pause for thought is not a good thing, you really need to know this stuff before you can move on. There is no reason to sit there twiddling your thumbs thinking what is it they want me to do, or what is it that they are talking about.

Have you ever been in a situation where a group of people are sat around talking like they are the best of friends and known each other since school and felt completely different. Perhaps you are standing there now on the fringes with a glass in hand wondering who to speak to. Cherry picking the people on the precipice of the circle.

English: It's an awesome smiley face!

English: It’s an awesome smiley face! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Your that smiley face as the new person walks in late wanting to speak to the group manager. What do you do to stand out, do you say as much as you can in two minutes or do you hold back and let someone else into the conversation who lacks the skills and charisma you process your just not feeling that day.

Don’t worry there are plenty of punks out there to do this sort of thing and yes you need to constantly have and practise people skills. So here are some tips about communications, what to say so you can measure the results instead of letting other people lead conversations down a road where you miss out in opportunities and end up having to hitch it alone home.


HPIM0681 (Photo credit: robbwindow)

If this sound like something you would like to hear about more I am open to do a on the subject. I would really like to hear what you have to say. I don’t mind hearing about all the opportunities out there that you decided not to take in hope of someone else might like to take action on whatever that might be. Nor do I want to be overloaded with ventures and dreams of other peoples pie in the sky ideas (often when you boil it down a lot of debt is floating around). So how to you quickly flick through the opportunities, how do you end up in that position of receiving the right information at the right time in every conversation you so choose.

I have some simple solutions which I have noticed recently from other people that tie in neatly into the same bag as sales and new business entrepreneur revolutions that have been going on for dynasties. Although you would not think it and I acknowledge it is good to be part of a new movements, movements have been happening all around the world for years and years.

Majestic Hotel, Onchan, Isle Of Man

Majestic Hotel, Onchan, Isle Of Man (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Its just simply who are at the cusp of these communications. Think of it this way without being to much of a party pooper.

English: karaoke-Harbin china 日本語: 哈爾濱のカラオケ

English: karaoke-Harbin china 日本語: 哈爾濱のカラオケ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Karaoke was very big here in the UK as is still big in places like North Korea, it is no longer big here but who knows is the movement makes a big deal out it everyone will be doing it as passionately as they would if they were stood in front of Simon Cowell and his team of cronies on the X Factor, right?

  1. Have a conversational script you can use for a couple of scenario’s that happen outdoors, indoors, certain social settings.
  2. Segment these scripts, ask questions when other ask questions of you, if they do not know you and are just seeking attention they will really love you asking them a question about them and by the time they are gone which they generally do they will be very happy that you asked them the same question you asked everyone else. When you get home test and reflect, if you like the results and praise then keep it in a use that for a while.
  3.  When someone asks something of you make sure you instantly make an effort to start whatever it is they ask, then halfway through ask them something else personal like what is your name, when were you born. Small talk, everyone are very receptive to these sorts of things.

Regardless of whether you want more sales, or just want to fit in a club of people talking about hopes and dreams these tips will really help.

Today’s final tip regardless of where you come from, came from or jogging on to I think this will help. Ask yourself this very simple question.

“Do you love people?”

Duvel Gold Bar Ladbroke Road Robert Bridge

Duvel Gold Bar Ladbroke Road Robert Bridge (Photo credit: robbwindow)

Think about that for a minute before you walk out the door or go out to that social event. The same goes for entering a group, an interview or involved in a team. Don’t tell me the answer or anyone else right now, what I am simply saying is very simple and when you know the answer you will know how to act. You will know what requires a smile and a thank you and glide through the day avoiding any unnecessary time consuming mind chatter. Good luck. you can add me on Ushii if you like.


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