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Russia, Ukraine and The Rest Of The World


Democracy and World Peace?

Kiev Government popularity was waning before all this trouble. Questions have been asked and requests to communicate have also been ignored. Ukrainian President spoke to Russian representatives in Snake Island. After this Marshall law was declared. Many residents chose to leave for Poland, others hunkered down in underground bunkers.

Before this we have been in a two year lockdown for a unusual virus with an unusual rollout of branded untested vials said to cure certain diseases. This has effected peoples mental health. There has been an exchange and mirroring of communications. This has created a ripple in the Eastern alliance. We’ve seen an unusual pattern of dodgy leadership, with leaders getting caught up in lots of traps exposed in the media. Most countries have shuffled parties and leaders over the years, Russia has not. Russia has a history with is neighbours. Over the years there has been many sanctions on…

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Urban and Cultural Global Media Awareness


Democracy and World Peace?

Depending on where you live, what your ethnicity is and what religions you have in your neighbourhood will determine some of the atitudes you relate with.

You live in rural settings life is perhaps less altered by a majority of these things. Living in the country your going to experience local issues and cyclical patterns. Sports teams are more grassroots, less financed and sponsored by big league interest. Your closer to local business and you know friends and families who are in active roles of employment that keeps the community prosperous.

Or you live in urban cities with a wonderful abundance of culture. You notice an influx of more people from around the globe and your community will be very different culturally and religiously. Religion is responsible for churches, moscs, shabats, community centres, schools for educational purposes and slightly different laws. Taking interest in these things is an important part…

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October Entry


Is been a while since entering my oar in here. Hi my name’s Rob, thanks for visiting this happy blog. This is a journal type entry. Is just me saying hi. I like also to impart wisdoms by interrupting regular type thinking. October is a popular month. Much has happened these past few months. Many people I meeting now are on Social Media, each sites comes with various benefits. Daily routines on these sites is good, other sites self promote other sites, continuity is key to building real lasting relationships.

TikTok an App for mobile phones has taken centre stage aside from the news. Today another 28 days has been incurred here in UK. Thanks to TikTok everyone now are sharing their lunch money recipes. If you still in communications with myself you will know I have consistently shared daily meals and new music playlists via Spotify. More recently the links for these playlists have been shared on TikTok and embedded into another popular mobile app we call Instagram. Stories was a thing there which Facebook has successfully included as has YouTube, Twitter mentioned it but I have not seen anything positive yet about these implications.

RIP Tribute for José Padilla died aged 64 this week.

I started of all enthusiastic and now my enthusiasm has waned. Social Media is much easier to fill in and the daily patterns have meant I can connect and feel worthwhile. Is just really nice to be happy. Hope you at least enjoy the Spotify Playlist.


What Happens When God Turns His Back On You?


What Happens when God turns his back on you and more importantly why you think this. God knows you, you know God, is inside all of us, we carry God, God carries us. As carriers we’re either open to the idea or not. As a beacon God transmits messages from the current data we have about ourselves, we dim these transmissions by deleting requests, muting topics we don’t find attractive. The selective process we subscribe to has been interjected in various ways, which either attract or repel.

As a unit we share similar practical uses. As a door we open and close on hinges. As a set of draws we pop out and in on slats with or without assistive wheels. As any other inside storage things get overlooked, temporarily go missing, things need repairing and we need dusting, God needs tools do his own maintenance, perhaps that is why he has your back on you.

Throughout the ages many stories in a variety of languages have changed and progressed to fit today’s narrative. Perhaps this is the selection process chosen by God, or the personal chosen beacon a message, request, calling I use to answer this simple question. Stretching the truth happens and I apologise for this, most know hand on heart no exercise begins safely without a warm up. Like muscles our temperament is often fragile, our veins are filled with recent narratives, as physical beings we consist of water, receptors of light and contain bacteria which makes us look the way we do. Try to pull the curtains the right way as the inside elements need to be in tandem with this planet.

God then is not a singular entity hovering around. Nor is God a singular Santa visiting each home dropshipping. Is there an image, equation or gesture which represents God of your own understanding? Whilst he’s away you want to be ready for any surprises, reminders keep you focused. If you like maths, what is your own, as Einstein made his e=MC2. As a picture what is the painting, tapestry you like many others have chosen. Readers require appropriate acceptable mantras, tactile people use beads and textured crystals. Even these simple things are not enough for us to stop being tempted by common wants and needs. Some suggest closing eyes, imagining the ground to seek out God, thinking of nothing, waving away mist, smiling at the sight of goo, ignoring away the dreaming of locusts. Mindfulness, social distancing, fist fighting whatever it is you want to call it, clapping for you, rubbing for prosperity, shaking the head dismissing, nodding for approval, crunching up as you withdraw and resist what’s happening around you. God gave you a spine, resist anyone including yourself of pulling this out. The more convincingly you explain this reality, the easier your identity changes, which attracts similar bugs in all of this.

Standing still can happen, drifting can happen. Outside does not belong to anyone, inside you can embrace solitude, yet juggling the two is an exercise that takes a bit of time to reach automated mastery. So God is yesterday, today and tomorrow. The mind switches through the senses. Sight, sound, smells, touch and breath all touch the brain which ignites receptors. Receiving the feeling of God has even more opportunities inside the heart/mind and the way you communicate this with others. Whatever it is your doing, saying or trying to tap into is going to effect you. When the penny drops, like everything your gaze will fall elsewhere. Looking up is good, looking down might seem like your uninterested and looking directly into the eyes of other gods means your confident enough to engage, confident enough to do this again. Closing the eyes might mean your enjoying a reality, people will see you and smile with compassion yet God is jumping out of reality and fantasy. So what makes God say spit?

Warm Prospects


Jeff Epstein Instagram


Imagine this: Jeff Epstein invents Instagram. And when Fantasy Island TV show became reality he must of known his influence on society. The irony is the media are able to turn the cash cow around on two feet. Big Brother seen it coming before inception. People strive to be like they want to be and what they want is what they see, watch and can read about. Is not that of a tall story…

There is strange reality today. Ask yourself this: How do you effectively use and consume social media. Is a hyper reality, mirrored by high society. More is key, less is crucial and spelling is everything. Textually everything is influenced by what we have already seen, and lets face it folks we have seen it all. The market of media, art and fashion is dominated by young skinny women on the front page of glossy magazines. These magazines are simply given away. Left in halls for residents to read. Once exclusive to the medical waiting room, now everyone are getting these handouts. And at the top are people living the dream.

Once we spoke of ladies in waiting and now we have girls or women who don’t care about the labels. Look through the likes of most accounts and every other like will be an adult industry actress entertaining the masses. At the top of the musical food chain women are dominating the classroom. Men are either at the helm of the ship or made to stand in the corner for forgetting their gym slips. And the ladies of the night have melted into new shapes at all times of the day. We follow them on aeroplanes around the world. They all share something in common and that my friends is the art of seduction. Each has from an early age studied the landscape. They rather float in an inflatable unicorn inside the pool than waiter tables.

If Jeff were alive and free he’d be well pleased. Imagine having a vision come true. Imagine the amount of concentration it takes to make such a constructed reality come to fruition. No holes barred. A concentrated focus of one reality to another. Directors in Hollywood have similar observations, whether motivated by willingness is by the by. After generation upon generation teaching family morals around the TV set to now having compartmentalised areas of the home, ‘work stations’ where people react in ways without consultation do what is asked of them. The elders of the home was switched over 50 years ago for electronic emissions. The senses changed, the length of dresses changed and men stopped wearing ties for every occasion.

stuffthatsawesomeNYTimesSethGodinFantasy Island shows us how perceptions of people change. We start with looks, features and then onto human responses to other human responses. Participants are put through rigorous psychological questionnaire’s before even flying to the Island.  And every island looks like the setting of that Dr No James Bond movie. All men have childhood memories of spear hunting fish, swimming with dolphins and swimming out to the float with an attractive accomplice. Both men and women in documentaries are shown in cages hanging out with menacing sharks. And now heroes beach cleaning, do you see any significance?

The effects of hyperreality are the little micro bits of plastic floating on the top of the sea. These particles although fragmented reassemble creating problems for other life forms. The effects are like an overload of media. A breathing, congealing blob. This has opened up another world of possibilities fighting against other oppressions. People take sides in a taste war. From crabs to vegetarians. People must look good, they must have abs or the complete opposite. These people do not conform, they are out of ‘shape’, freaks of nature to either be worshipped or ridiculed. Yet universal preferences apply. If everyone swiped yes, where would we be?

If Jeff Epstein really did invent Instagram I am sure there would have been less sanctions on accounts. There would be no need for Snapchat and Facebook would never have become a place for parents to congratulate their children on how well they did at school/college/university. Many of whom would be able to pay these fees themselves. Career girls, commuting early in the morning, keeping cities.


Flickr Sidebar Widget Feedburner Settings


WordPress continues to bring happiness in a world where many are left dangling no longer with us.

Blogging is a long and short process that many have adjured. The online social status has and I imagine will always change. Browsers get left behind which makes it difficult to navigate around your free blog. If this is you it might be time to turn on your laptop again.

Whether your looking to update your side bar or retrieve information from a WordPress free blog sidebar widget if the option does not show on your phone in the sidebar try viewing in a laptop browser, be sure to update browsers as best you can too. This should make you happy.

I just looking for widget section in WordPress dot com on an iPhone 4 and cannot find in dashboard navigation. I still happy with this theme although the option to change theme in dashboard left selections is missing to. By going desktop my hope is it will reappear, as I’m sure it may for you too.

To the right of blog Go Home Happy I have a sidebar, on the sidebar is a number of old school widgets and as already mentioned on this particular phone there is no way of accessing widgets. I even copied and pasted to correct URL, this is how I know my Safari browser according to WordPress dot com is out of date. A big banner saying this shows instead of opening widgets panel.

In the sidebar to the right of this themed blog is where widgets are. I am looking for Flickr @0 link which is no longer available via Flicker. I want to get this username and number to add to Feedburner so as I can have Flickr images embeds themselves at bottom of a feed on one of my hosted blogs. You may or may not know feedburner is owned by Google. Also is common knowledge support for Feedburner ended back in 2012 so the flicker request is old style too. Flicker has merged with a couple of companies these past few years but still they provide a good service for photographers, for how long I cannot say.

To cut a long story short, if you want to try retrieve this data for Feedburner to add images to feed (my hope is it will show when delivering emails to your inbox photographs from Flicker may show. By accessing widgets on desktop and going to widgets panel and finding the Flickr stream I hope to find correct number. Maybe thinking on though Flicker does not like this Safari browser too. This maybe why they too do not showcase the number I looking for.

If you suffering similar issues is an easy solution, just try more updated devices. It may even work on Android. Turning on your laptop is definitely worth doing once in a while. It does make me happy though doing things from handheld devices.

Hope this helps somebody.

“Get happy, or get out!” iON

D n B April 2019 °Mixcloud° robb

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Chillout – robbwindow Spotify Playlist.


Here is one of my playlists on Spotify. Enjoy!

2nd Hand Shopping Glee


If you want happiness try spending. The less you spend the better you feel.

Hi my name is Robert Bridge and welcome to blog Road to Happiness. I started this blog to cheer me up in a hope it might cheer other people up. In the time of blogging here, receiving response’s through either likes and share’s or better still comments I feel confident enough as far as bloggers wisdom goes. The bloggers community shines best when big companies notice, sponsor or at least acknowledges your existence.

Lots of people are becoming online celebrities fast through Instagram and following their guns consistently in a single unique passion, ability or work experience. Blogging is similar though much more flexible. For example both Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus to some extents is important to budding bloggers. This budding blogger correct me if I’m wrong maybe mistaken.

Without beating around the bush I want to showcase a series of tweets made in the new add thread. I enjoyed the expansion of characters recently in allowed tweets and now am sharing with you the flexibility of showcasing tweets outside your ‘likes’ section through Moment’s option over on Twitter. I only have one moment which has an image of Lotus President Donald Trump in builder’s gear building and measuring a wall. Good fun. Below is the thread embedded here on WordPress, if you read this and excited explore the thread and see how having unlimited character’s to tweet can really help you get your idea’s across to the world.

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